App2SD - Save phone space

App2SD - Save phone space
for Android

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App2SD helps to save internal storage of phone.

App2SD helps to save the internal storage of phone, very easy to use!

Notice: App2SD cannot be used to backup apps or data to SD card, after factory reset, all apps will be erased!

App2SD is not supported by some Android 3.x/4.x devices, and you will see the “not support” warning when you open the app.

What's New

- App Manager


List all installed apps
App to sd – Move app to SD card if it could be moved
Move apps back to phone internal storage from SD card
Clear Apps Cache
Sort app by name, install date, app size
Show total internal storage and available internal storage
Show total storage of SD card and available storage
Uninstall app
Open/Switch to app
Search app in google market
Notification when there is new app installed which can be moved to SD card
Warning on not recommended moving
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