for Windows Mobile

Very small in memory: 1 Kb in memory (check it with a task manager)
No CPU usage: 0.00 % CPU usage, check it with a task manager)
Very small on disk: BattClock.exe 17 Kb on disk,
Very efficient resource usage (clock update and measuring of battery percentage)
No updates with screen off (only listen for screen on event), so no battery usage/drain by BattClock
Show Time and Battery percentage above the top bar (default)
Automatic detect settings the first time started, dependent of the screen resolution and colour.
Time in format HH:MM or H:MM or with other separator, 12 hour or 24 hour clock
Battery indicator in percentage, indication if charging (default battery percentage character % is changed into tilde character ~)
Date in format DD-MM or MM-DD or with other separator and with or without leading zeros
Free memory percentage indicator or MB, updated once per second, great to see if you have memory leaks!
CPU percentage indicator, updated once per second, great to see how much work your phone has to do!
Battery Temperature in Celcius, updated once per minute.
Battery Current in mA, updated once per second. Note that cached values are asked, so the battery driver may only update after several seconds.
BattClock info can be a combination of above (Date, Time, Battery Percentage, Free memory, CPU, Battery Temperature, Battery Current) with a maximum of 3 lines out of the possibilities.
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