French-German & German-French dictionary (full) for Sony Ericsson (UIQ)

French-German & German-French dictionary (full) for Sony Ericsson (UIQ)
for UIQ

€ 13.91
It is based on SlovoEd multi-language dictionary engine, one of the most popular software dictionary solutions for Symbian OS (SE P800 / P900, Nokia 7650 / 3650 / 6600 / N-Gage, and Nokia 9210 / 9290 Communicator). With SlovoEd you will simply find the word meaning in about 30 languages.

Advantages of the SlovoEd program for SE P800 / P900 are convenient and easy-to-use interface, quick translation, a great number of word entries, and low memory consumption. You can also install several language pairs on your smartphone at the same time.

Main features of French-German & German-French SlovoEd dictionary for Sony Ericsson P800 / P900 are:

* Simple and easy-to-use interface with color marks support.
* Quality dictionary databases specially adapted for SE P800 / P900.
* Great number of word entries.
* Low memory consumption, powerful and fast compression technology that enables high data compression ratio (100,000 entries in 600 Kb) with high access rate.
* Full screen and standard modes to show word translation.
* Syntactic information support.
* Support of color marks for dictionary entries.
* The possibility to save certain words on Flash Cards (a special method of learning new foreign words) and then pass through Flash Cards Quiz.
* Wildcard search
* Search history (last words that you've searched before). You can see any word from the history again at any time.
* Availability to install several dictionaries at the same time (for example, French-German and French-English).
* The possibility to install dictionaries on memory cards.
* Dictionary interface is available in English, French, and German.
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