Handy Safe for Smartphones

Handy Safe for Smartphones
for Windows Mobile

€ 24.95
Handy Safe software for Windows Mobile Smartphone is a perfect assistant for secure and convenient data managing. Keep your mind free from countless numbers and letters. Have all of your important information in one place, safe, easy to access, and always with you with Handy Safe software for Windows Mobile Smartphone. Handy Safe Desktop agent included enables you to synchronize your information between your device and PC.
Store passwords, credit cards details, user names, codes, PINs, accounts (email, Internet, shopping, bank), web pages, addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and much more.

With Handy Safe for Windows Mobile Smartphone you can:
Store everything on your device with more than 35 unique information forms
Create new custom forms to store specific information using the existing templates
Modify the existing information forms according to your needs
Get organized with style with over 35 built-in icons to associate with your cards
Keep your data private and secure thanks to Handy Safe password protection and strong 448-bit data encryption (Blowfish)
Arrange your information cards in folders exactly the way you want and create the new ones if necessary
Avoid intruding by blocking your personal info automatically in a set period of time or by switching to other application
Use any combination of symbols and characters for your password

Handy Safe software for Windows Mobile Smartphone includes Handy Safe Desktop agent. Handy Safe Desktop is a PC companion for Handy Safe software that is specially designed for synchronization of information on your Windows Mobile Smartphone and on your PC. With Desktop PC client you can easily add, edit and access your information on PC.
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