SafeStore Gold Edition

SafeStore Gold Edition
for Java ME

€ 13.77
SafeStore Midlet Gold Edition is an utility for storing passwords and other sensitive information and protecting them with a global password.

SafeStore is an password manager and an electronic wallet for java phone. You can use SafeStore to store your personal and private information, including Bank Account, Credit Card, Membership, General Details, Note, Password and Website, to your mobile phone.
You can carry SafeStore everywhere on your mobile phone with all your password, i need remember only one password. You can access your bank account,web reserved for you,draw to bankmat without forgot any passwords.
• Easy, friendly interface , all encription and dencription operations are user transparent.

• View Assistant. Now you can easy found a position in a "game password" (Ruler, Keys Collection, Chessboard password, etc.)

• There is 5 template categories,that help user to organize passwords

• Portable on many mobile device (J2ME). If you change device, you don't have to wait a new software release , but use the same you know

• High security. Blowfish algorithm with 448bit key, password never store into device,,autolock system.

• Password quality index. A passwords optimize Helper.

• Secure delete.SafeStore require a Backup before any delete or dangerous operations

• Bluetooth transfers between to SafeStore installation. When you buy a new device you don't need a Desktop to transfer data.

• Text file (csv) import Data. You can import data in a few seconds without key in any input.

• Backup data in a encrypted file with a specific password, in this way you can raise secure level when export data from device.

• Detail features and comparation Free Version and Gold Edition

• Export and Import data from KeePass free password manager desktop utility.
• Supported language Italian,English,Spanish, German.

SafeStore has been tested under many Nokia Series 40 e Series 60 actual device. Although it has been fully tested, we still recommend you always backup your important data to other device or desktop PC, store a personal information only into the mobile phone isn't a secure way .

Version 2.8.1 features:
- support for German and Spanish user interface
- some important bug fixed
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