twitter client for Java enabled smartphones including Nokia, Blackberry, and SonyEricsson. Its fe" >

for Java ME

twibble mobile is a twitter client for Java enabled smartphones including Nokia, Blackberry, and SonyEricsson. Its feature list include

  • post messages via your mobile network (WiFi, UMTS, GPRS), or using text messages (SMS).

  • auto refresh: retrieve tweets automatically after a given time period. On many devices you can even run twibble in the background.

  • notifications: configure twibble to vibrate if new tweets arrive.

  • send photos to twitpic: append photos to your tweet which will be sent to twitpic, a popular photo sharing service for twitter.

  • keyboard shortcuts: to access the most important functions use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • themes: twibble comes with a couple of different themes you can chose from.

  • optimized to generate as little data traffic as possible. Only new tweets are fetched to reduce data traffic. Data is usually being transmitted compressed (gzipped)

  • integrated timeline: Tweets and direct messages are displayed in a single list sorted by date. There is no need to retrieve tweets and direct messages separatly, or to switch between various lists.

  • open web links contained in a tweet (via phone browser).

  • re-tweet (forward) of tweets. With a few clicks you can re-send a tweet you received without re-typing the message.

  • quick @replies

  • you can follow other twitter users

  • mark tweets as favourites: Useful on the road when you want to mark a tweet for later reading.

  • support for ssl to make the transmission more secure

  • cancel network requests (twibble is multi threaded)

In addtion twibble mobile can add your position to a tweet (but only if you want!). It can even make use of the built-in GPS of the N95 or other GPS phones. The position can be displayed on the mobile device and on the desktop in Google maps or Google Earth, e.g. via the twibble API or twibble desktop. In the sidebar you find some screen shots of twibble mobile and twibble desktop at flickr.

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