Another Ball For UIQ 3.0

Another Ball For UIQ 3.0
for UIQ

€ 12.51
Real Arkanoid game for Sony Ericsson P990 has just been released! With over 10 million copies sold worldwide, Arkanoid is one of the world's most popular Desktop games. We offer you Another Ball game for Sony Ericsson P990, which is a classic game with attractive interface and lots of different bonuses and exciting levels. Simple gameplay, easy to pick up without instruction, and completely addictive!

Try this classic game for Sony Ericsson P990, but mind: it might take hours of your time and there is no way to quit unless final brick is destroyed! :-)

Another Ball features

33 different levels
Nice graphics
Special sound effects
Top scores list
Exciting action with 17 unique bonus items
5 kinds of bricks in hi-color graphics

Another Ball playing

The object of Another Ball game for Sony Ericsson P990 is to get as many scores as possible.

You should move the platform to reflect the ball. The ball brings down the blocks. Tap the screen to start the ball in the beginning of the game. You can rule the platform by stylus and by device hardware buttons. During the game you can catch falling bonuses with the platform. You will go to the next level if you bring down all blocks (except the steel one). If the ball falls down by the platform you will lose one life. You will get an additional life if you earn 10 000 points. You will see your score in the left top corner of the screen and the number of lives in the right top corner.

Here's a simple story and easy-to-learn gameplay that ends up in complete psychological addiction!
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