[Author: Miklos Szanyi, published on Sunday, March 22, 2009 ]

A new player in the "Smartphone League": WayteQ. The brand isn't new for PNA users, the company makes car GPS system since 2006. They have tried to step in the phone business with the winmo 2006 powered X5 model in 2006.
Now with the X-Phone they try to step in to Europe.

The X-Phone has a Linux kernel and runs both Android and Winmo 6.1 Pro. The company claims that you can switch between the two OS. It has an Intel Monahans CPU which runs on 624 MHZ. The quad band GSM support, WLAN, Bluetooth, 128 MB RAM, GPS, 2MP camera doesn't mek the X-phone a big boom, but the two Os maybe help this toy to win some fans in Europe.

Read the WayteQ X Phone Android specifications here.
Get wallpapers, games, freeware, software, tips for the WayteQ X Phone Android here.

[Via www.megamobilecontent.com]

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