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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Quran All Languages Free-islam

Quran All Languages Free-islam
Download for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Al Quran with All languages translation. Full Audio of 8 reciters from the WorldQuran e Kareem, A true book from Allah. Every Muslim should listen and recite Koran. Complete Audio of Al-Quran Kareem (114 Surah) with nice and famous reciters from the world.Beautiful Arabic font in Uthmanic tashkeel and All Languages Translations of Coran.Complete Quran with Uthmanic tashkeel Arabic text and Translations; and recitation in voices of eight famous Qari/Reciters from the World. Easy and fast Surah of quran. Index List with more about Quran All Languages Free-islam for Android
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