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Liberty Toolbox

Liberty Toolbox
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The eagle has landed!! Get Liberty Toolbox Donate to support development and get access to future pre-releases of Liberty and Gingerbread nighliesWhat is Liberty Toolbox? A wicked awesome app to customize your phone to the max giving you back the liberty you deserve to your rooted Droid X or Droid 2.★ Requirements: Root, Liberty ROM ★THIS APP WILL NOT WORK WHATSOEVER IF YOU ARE NOT ON LIBERTY ROM FOR THE DROID X AND DROID 2. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS DON'T DOWNLOAD IT OR RATE BAD.THIS VERSION WAS DESIGNED FOR LIBERTY V1.5. IF YOU ARE ON 1.0 SOME STUFF WILL NOT WORK SO YOU SHOULD UPGRADE NOW.Toolbox Features:• App Management:☆ Apps2SD
☆ Remove/Backup system/data apps
☆ Backup/restore feature• Liberty Mods☆ Switch between transition animations
☆ Change boot logos
☆ Set Build Properties * File editor included by Fr4gg0r *
☆ Install Fonts
☆ Pulldown-bar text editor
☆ Icon Chooser (change application and battery icons)• Liberty ROM Manager(based off braway's original work)
☆ Download TONS of themes and addons
☆ Install update.zips from sdcard
☆ Install bootstrap• Liberty Tweaks☆ Ad Blocker (Block/Unblock)
☆ Cache Manager (clear/move to SD)
☆ Free Memory
☆ Manage Boot Animation
☆ Mount system rw, fix permissions, zipalign apps, etc.• Reboot Options☆ Reboot, reboot bootstrap, reboot recovery, powerdown• Settings☆ Automatic updates option
☆ Schedular
☆ App Theme (change theme of toolbox)
☆ Notify for ROM updates/patches
☆ Lockscreen Settings
☆ Recovery safe mode
☆ Overclocking
☆ Sysctl Support
☆ Camera Shutter Sound
☆ Tools (Spare Parts, Dev Tools, Testing Menu)
☆ Restore apps feature
☆ Set install location on boot
☆ Zipalign apps on reboot
☆ Clear cache on reboot
☆ Fix permissions on reboot
If you like the features found in the toolbox consider purchasing other apps. Go to "View more applications" at the bottom of the page for more.Tags: root, rom, toolbox, jrummy, liberty, cache, apps2sd, overclock, setcpu, hacks, script, font, theme, clockwork
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