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Five Keys To Business Success (Excel Add-Ins)

Five Keys To Business Success (Excel Add-Ins)
Download for Mac OS X

€ 90.58
Excel Add-in Collection plus Instructional Workbooks. New Excel add-ins provide ready made solution models for forecasting, investment economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning. Forecasting.xla. Produces fast and accurate time series values using moving averages, exponential smoothing, regression and exponential smoothing with a trend (double exponential smoothing). Investment Economics.xla. Produces financial models to determine the time value of money returns from your business investment projects. Provides Net Worth & IRR calculations, pay back. Portfolio Allocation Optimization.xla. ptimizes Optomise holdings for any number of securities using LP (linear programming) optimization software. Process Flow (Materials and Resources).xla. Plan for maximum profits, locate resource bottlenecks, defines current constraints on materials or resources on hand using Process.xla. Process.xla gives you the key for business success using LP (linear programming) optimization software to calculate the maximum profit process flow. MRP.xla.. The MRP add-in create dynamic materials requirement planning (MRP) spreadsheets and tables that optimizes the least cost solution for users' manufacturing requirements. Including material purchasing, defines minimum inventory levels, least cost production scheduling. Free Giveaway. Business Statistic templates. Instant Averages, Moving Average, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency, Seasonality Trends, Correlation, Variance, Regression formula, Significance (T-Test), Sigma and Six Sigma values, Least Squares, Best Fit Forecasting.
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