99Taxis – Taxi cab app

99Taxis – Taxi cab app
for Android

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Let your cell phone with GPS to find the nearest taxi from his position . To order a taxi online in Brazil with the phone simply select your starting point . You see your current location and taxis available nearby. Just use the button REQUEST TAXI , accepting payment options and ready . You can follow the driver in real time , will know which vehicle he will be arriving ( car model and plate) and receive information to be able to get in touch with him directly .

What's New:

- Android Wear Compatibility
- Discount of R$15 on the first ride paid with PayPal
- Optionals (Special Taxi, Port-large bags).
- Integration with Foursquare (locations around you).

SIMPLE : Call the nearest taxi with only 2 rings
TIMELY : See the taxi coming in real time by Google Map
INSURANCE : All taxi drivers are checked . See photo of the taxi driver before you even get it
The application to call the taxi smartphone is very simple to use . After installing and registering, verify your cell phone number ( for security reasons ) and your Facebook account. Then solve the system where you are and shows you the nearest taxi .

DO NOT DELAY : No more waiting hours in the taxi ranks . If the driver is late, call us directly at him. When ordering a taxi , you accompanies the path to where you are . It is a safe haven . Just the anguish of not knowing where the taxi you called for radiotaxi . If castor day in sp , try : cab ride !
Accessories : One of the best free apps for android in Portuguese . Pay the taxi fare shown on the meter and nothing more . With the system 99Taxis passenger and taxi drivers are benefited , and you pay nothing more for it . Pay with credit card or cash. Pay only the fare meter!
SAFER : If you drink , call a cab !
With the Zero Tolerance Prohibition is prohibited to drink any amount of alcohol before driving and only breathalyzer test can get rid of the fine and loss of driving license . So avoid being caught in the blitz leiseca .

The application that calls the taxi cab driver near you

Accepts credit, debit and PayPal
Taxi in 5 minutes
Application 100 % free for the passenger and taxi driver
Safety: Taxi drivers registered with pictures and documents
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