Baby Daybook – daily tracker

Baby Daybook – daily tracker
for Android

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Baby Daybook – daily tracker is a perfect app for tracking daily activity of your newborn easily!

- Know how long since the last baby feeding, did he take a nap, how many diapers were changed today, etc.
- Write a note for any activity (baby spit up the milk while nursing, was crying during sleep, enjoyed first bath, etc.).
- Each day’s summary lets you see the stats and filter daily activities with a single tap.
- Supports breast feeding, breast pump, bottle (formula), drink, solid food, diaper, sleeping, bath and medicine tracking.
- Multiple babies tracker is very useful for taking care of twins or even for tracking mother’s activity.
- Pro version allows to sync data across multiple devices using Dropbox.
- Backup & Restore your data.
- Dark interface will not disturb your newborn during night feeding.
- Customizable app color.

We provide email support for any questions you have. Please don’t leave a low rating before contacting us.
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What's New:

- Added temperature, tummy time, playtime, walking outside and other activity types;
- Added groups to all activity types;
- Added start/stop/resume button;
- Improved sync;
- Increased app speed;
- Updated UI icons;
- Added Danish and Dutch languages;
- Fixed date and time pickers bugs;
- Other bug fixes.

Please read

This app is free but displays ads to monetize it, so we can keep developing the app and make it even better.
All permissions added are completely harmless and at no point do we collect or store any personal information.
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