Cadence Pocket Recorder

Cadence Pocket Recorder
for Windows Phone

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Cadence is a full-featured, easy-to-use audio recorder for Windows Phone. It easily manages the audio files it produces, and painlessly syncs those files to your PC*. With Cadence, you can launch the app, record some audio, name it the way you want, sync it to your PC, and delete it from your phone, with only two taps of your finger!

Here is a list of Cadence features:

- Auto-record on startup;
- Flip the screen, so you can use Cadence while your mic is pointed at the sound source;
- Blank the screen while recording, to save battery life;
- Disable phone lock while recording;
- Record in high quality (best available), or low (smaller files)**;
- Set a default category to which new recordings are assigned;
- Auto name recordings using a pattern.

- Place your recordings in custom categories;
- View all recordings, or only the ones in a specific category;
- Delete and sync all recordings at once, or individually;
- View detailed information about a specific recording - date/time recorded, length, size, sample rate, etc.;
- Enter custom notes about each recording.

- Manually sync individual recordings to the cloud, or optionally, auto sync them as soon as they're finished;
- Remember your cloud credentials indefinitely, by storing a secure token, not your actual user name and password;
- Handle intermittent network access by detecting when the network becomes available, and syncing files that are waiting to be synced;
- Avoid syncing audio files over slow 3G connections;
- Auto delete recordings from your phone as soon as they're synced;
- Files are placed in cloud folders corresponding to their categories.
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