GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation
for Windows Phone

€ 6.03
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GPS Voice Navigation provides turn-by-turn voice driving navigation with a choice of three map and routing providers: Google®, Bing® and MapQuest®.

IMPORTANT: Offline maps, 3D maps and night mode had to be removed due to the terms of use of one of our providers.

GPS Voice Navigation will be free for a limited time to compensate those who have previously purchased it. We invite you to download it free with sincerest gratitude for remaining our devoted customers.

With GPS Voice Navigation, you get all the important driving information shown right on the map, together with alerts when you are approaching а police trap, radar or a speed camera. Add to this spoken turn-by-turn directions and you are ready to go anywhere!

More features:
* Handy dashboard with estimated time of arrival, time and distance traveled and more
* Search for an address or within recent, favorites, points of interest (POI), contacts
* Map layers (restaurants, hotels, speed cameras, gas stations, POI, terrain)
* Option to alert for nearby speed cameras (fixed, mobile or traffic light)
* Street names spoken instructions plus integration as default navigation app (WP8 only)

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Note: GPS Voice Navigation is meant to aide your trip. You are advised not to rely solely on the suggested routes and directions and to exercise judgment using this app. Melon AD cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or for damages caused by the use of this software.
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