Hangar – Smart app shortcuts

Hangar – Smart app shortcuts
for Android

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Hangar is an Android app that provides easy, relevant shortcuts in your notification drawer to your most used and relied upon apps.

What's New:

- Bug fix build!
- [New!] Launch apps in floating windows (supported ROMs only)
- [Fix!] Crash on start
- [Fix!] Notification, Apps widget freezes
- [Fix!] Icon pack sorting and bug
- [Fix!] Apps tab optimizations/fast load
- Added Chinese/Hebrew translations
- Always reload Hangar after updating to a new version!

This lightweight notification bar gives you convenient access to these apps from anywhere in Android while intelligently updating the priority and order of the shortcuts based on your daily use.

With the new pinned apps feature, favorite apps can be pinned alongside the ones Hangar has set. Want a fresh look on those shortcuts? Hangar now supports custom icons, letting you set a stylized theme by installing one of the many gorgeous icon packs available on the Play Store.

Hangar also keeps track of app usage statistics and includes 2 highly customizable widgets.

Features include:

- Auto-updating notification drawer shortcuts containing your most used and important apps
- Sort and display apps based on user specified weight factors
- Pin apps to always display
- Support for icon packs and custom icons
- Optional second row of icons
- Blacklist unwanted apps
- Fully customizable! Change the number of shortcuts, icon color, icon size, background and more.
- Additional re-sizeable widget to launch apps
- Re-sizeable widget to view app use statistics with color coded bar graphs
- Widgets intelligently scale according to size and device
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