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Welcome the new era of mobile video chat. imiChat® is an instant communication application that connects mobile handsets, and PCs, allowing users to communicate with each other using instant text messages as well as two-way interactive video. Leveraging Mobim Technologies’ state-of-the-art mobile video technologies, imiChat is able to support smooth two-way video over today’s 2.5G GPRS networks.

imiChat is available in the global networks, with no call charge or roaming fee. As long as your cell-phone is equipped with imiChat, text, voice, video communication with similar phones or PCs at any time, in any place is simplicity itself. imiChat requires mobile network connection, a flow rate is therefore produced and the fee collected by service providers. The flow rate is approximately 12 kbit/second, or 90KB/minute, or 0.9 yuan/hour based on the monthly package flat rate of 5 yuan for 30M, which is available in most provinces and municipalities. The flow rate for text and voice chat only is approximately 2.5 kbit/second, or 19 KM/minute, or 0.2 yuan/hour based on the same monthly flat rate. We suggest that you apply to CMCC (10086) or China Unicom (10010) for a monthly flat rate. Upon first use of imiChat, your cell-phone will send a register message to our system to activate our service (regular SMS charge). For invitation to a non-registered imiChat user, a regular text message is available for your preference. Please call 400-888-6618 or visit for more help. >
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