Missed Reminder

Missed Reminder
for Android

A highly customizable reminder tool for Android to remind you about missed messages (MMS/SMS/Gmail) and missed calls.


Highly configurable notification options:

•Popup - show a message with number of missed messages/calls.
•Vibrate - vibrate on notification using the specified script.
•Vibration script - custom vibration script. Any number of entries 'vX' and 'wX', where X is time in milliseconds and 'v' means 'vibrate', 'w' means 'wait'. For example: 'v100w100v100w100v100'. By default: 'v100' - vibrate for 100 milliseconds.
•Ringtone - custom ringtone for sound notification.
•Blink led - blink LED on notification.
•Led blink interval - blinking interval in milliseconds. How often to blink.
•Led blink color - blinking color (red, green, blue, orange, pink).
•Notification intervals - intervals between repeated notifications. Format: 'Xs|m|h', where X - a number followed by a single character, 's' means 'seconds', 'm' means 'minutes' and 'h' means 'hour'. For example: '30s' - 30 seconds. By default: '1m' - one minute. Starting with version 0.9.3, you can specify multiple intervals, separated by comma, for example: '10s,20s,1m'. This means that the first notification will occur after 10 seconds, the seconda one - after 20 seconds and all subsequent notification wii occur with 1 minute interval between them. If you specify the first interval as '0s' then Reminder will notify you right after an event occur, so it's a good idea to disable standart notifications in that case to avoid duplications.
•Number of repeats - number of repeated notification for every event. 0 means repeat forever with specified internal.
•Test - click to test notification settings. If you have LED or sound enabled they will be interrupted in 5 seconds.
You can manually start/stop service or check 'Autostart' feature to start the service automatically on device restart.
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