Mosaic Music Player

Mosaic Music Player
for Android

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Mosaic Player is a set of music players with a powerful library in one app.
Free version is limited to 3 playlists and a maximum of 50 songs.No time limit.

Player features:

- Standalone music players for each playlist.Slide left or right to switch between players with a 3D interface.
- The features of the players can be configured separately – or can be shared between them.
- Separate equalizer and effects setting for each playlist – or can be shared between them.
- Pinch-zoom feature in playlist
- Copy-paste songs between playlists
- Mark and jump to favorite song positions (especially useful for long mixes)
- Configurable single step and continuous seek timers
- Fade in / out songs
- Sleep timer with configurable fade out time
- Shake feature : configurable commands for shake up and shake down.
- Scrobbling via Scrobble Droid / Simple / Official app
- Smooth volume control that works together with android volume button.
- Tap the artwork image for quick jump to the song in the library.
- Control from notification bar

Library features:

- Songs can be picked individually from albums, artists, folders and any other lists.
- All songs of an artist,album,folder (including sub-folders) can be picked with one step.
- Categorize songs by artist,album of artist,albums,genres,folders,all songs,most played,rating,recently added.
- All sections of the library (artist view,album view,folder view etc.) can be customized for individual sorting mode.
- All sections of the library include filter for quick search.
- Customizable layout selection for individual sections of the library : list or grid.
- Optional artist / album background image behind the songs.
- Shows artwork icons of each songs in lists.
- Powerful search feature which displays artists,albums,songs separated by category in one list.
- Easy navigation in library : one click jump to artist, album or folder of a song.
- Automatically downloads genres, album artwork, artist pictures
- Extracts artwork from ID3 tags.
- Manually pick artwork images from downloaded cache, internet or gallery app.
- Show artist / album information with links to facebook, twitter, youtube videos when available.
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