Mr Rabbit’s Alphabet Adventure

Mr Rabbit’s Alphabet Adventure
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Hello and welcome to Mr. Rabbit’s adventure with alphabet! If you found this you probably are a parent looking for a game for your child. Now you found something that’s educating, entertaining and positive that will allow your child to have learn alphabet while playing a game.
What is Mr. Rabbit’s adventure with alphabet? It’s a game for children where the character is Mr. Rabbit who travels through a maze to find letters. Each letter is spelled on collection in cheerful and enthusiastic voice of a child who enjoys playing it. You can encourage your child to spell the letters along as a practice and to seed the positive feeling of reading while doing so.
Each letter during the alphabet game works as a key opening a door and a set of letters on each level of the alphabet game opens the path to another level and more letters. And to collect the letter when you find it, the child needs to trace it on a virtual blackboard.The labyrinth levels gradually increase in difficulty in order to present some challenge and to occupy the little ones while having fun. The collected letters are also available in the index page of the main menu, where their sound can be replayed and where painting them can also be repeated.
Oh! And don’t forget about the carrots! The time for each level is limited so in case of the time running out just lead Mr. Rabbit to a carrot to get more time to finish the level.
Mr. Rabbit’s Alphabet Game is designed for children. The game has bright colours, enthusiastic music and is a maze so it does require a bit of thinking. Usually it’s more running than solving problems but rabbits are good at that.
Whether your child starts learning alphabet or is a reading beginner this is a game for it.
There aren’t many other games out there that are designed especially for children and are more than a time killer. Mr. Rabbit’s Alphabet Game bloomed from a need of parents who wanted their child to play a game that’s interesting, designed for children and educational to fill that gap.
If you want to support this development process please download, rate and enjoy playing Mr. Rabbit’s Alphabet Game. Your support means a lot to us and will us to work on new levels and games in the future. If you have suggestions or feedback about performance or issues, please let us know and we will try to improve
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