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Music HQ! Is for Windows phone tailored set do of, and features powerful of phone music free play software, support lyrics and songs pictures download, support music online play, skin heart replaced, more has bright Li shock of Visual of effect, while pre-reset rich of balanced players effect, support sound enhanced, simple humanized of operation, to pursuit music quality of you brings has phone listening song of new experience. Data indicate that music! Thumb family has become must-have free music tools! Is an essential part of your fashion-talent artifact!
Functional properties
* Choice of many users, it is a free music player, follow trends, you will always stay at the forefront of fashion.
* Everyone has a soft spot ' songs, a key to favorite songs, multi-device hearts songs.
* High-definition, lossless music format playing, give your ears to a musical feast!
* Do you want unique, you can set the DIY concert, sound effects such as EQ, bass and surround sound, your hobby is also popular.
* Mass-the skin you selected, each change will be more colorful.
* To provide you with the fastest updated lyrics, singer HD picture, easier learning songs, and see your favorite singer.
* Unique landscape scene, to create flashy stage effects, gives you at a glance.
* Support for desktop lyrics, PC, anytime, anywhere you are humming along with the lyrics,
* More intimate function, sleep mode, play mode, line control, download management ... ... Wait a minute, look forward to your participation.
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