My Cycles Period and Ovulation

My Cycles Period and Ovulation
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Get the best period and ovulation tracker around! My Cycles takes all the guesswork out of tracking your period and predicting your ovulation window. Whether you’re trying to conceive or want to know when to expect your next period, My Cycles period and ovulation tracker is the app for you! My Cycles helps you track your periods and can even predict your future periods. If you are trying to conceive, My Cycles tracks ovulation signs to increase your chance of pregnancy. Track your period, symptoms, medications, mood, and more related to your cycle wherever you are!

What's New

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Why should I track my period?

Accurately respond to your doctor’s questions about your period.
Track your periods to better predict your future periods.
Plan vacations and other events around your period.
Know if you had intercourse while forgetting to take your pill

Why should I track my ovulation?

Understand your cycles through tracking to better predict ovulation and your fertile window.
Learn what signals your body gives out when you’re approaching ovulation.
Better time when you’re trying to conceive for improved chance of pregnancy.
Know when to take a home pregnancy test.
Features for Tracking Your Cycle

Use My Cycles period and ovulation tracker to:

Record your periods.
View your cycles at a glance with our easy-to-read calendar.
Plan ahead with predictions for your next 12 periods, fertile days and ovulation.
Store daily notes, symptoms, medications, treatments, and more, including intercourse.
Record symptoms, including cramps, breast tenderness, PMS, and fatigue.
Customize your calendar to display what’s most important to you.
Discreet, embarrassment-free icon name “MC” on your phone.
Optional passcode to access the app prevents others from seeing your personal info.
Post questions and get answers on women’s health topics from other women like you.

Additional Features if You’re Trying to Conceive:

All of the above features plus ovulation-specific symptoms, treatments, and events.
Record popular signs of ovulation: Basal Body Temperature (BBT) in Fahrenheit or Celsius, Cervical Mucous (CM), OPK tests.
Advanced ovulation prediction based on Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) or OPK.
Ability to self-select your ovulation day for women who track and interpret their body’s many ovulation signals.
Track fertility-related medications and treatments, including Clomid, Metformin, and IVF.
Record results of Home Pregnancy Tests (HPT).
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