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News Republic is a global news app that lets you be your own news editor: set-up your own personal news channels on the topics of your choice, and explore the news through TagNav™, an innovative news navigation system. Get the whole picture on the topics that are the most relevant to you. Keep up to date on everything about your favorite football team, the latest tech news from the Silicon Valley or follow a specific company, brand or politician. You can track the latest hot topics from national or world news – News Republic will explore over 10,000 daily articles from trusted sources – news agencies, global and local media and blogs.

What's New

- Surveys now have new answering options than (Be sure to add “surveys” to your homescreen.)
- Minor bug fixes.
- We hope you appreciate this update and as always, do not hesitate to drop us a line at [email protected], we love hearing from you!

Ever wished for an app that would offer all the news that matters to you? An app that would cut through the noise of too many global news sources and deliver only the topics that you want to follow? An app that would make news more personal and inspiring? News Republic is just that!

The app covers your topics and delivers full articles, photos and videos directly to your device so you never miss what is important to you.

AN EDITION JUST FOR YOU > News Republic is available in 8 regional editions – USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, LatAm and International, so you can always find the news that speaks to you!
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