Next – Trains in Paris

Next – Trains in Paris
for Android

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At what time does the next train leaves ?
For all your suburb train trips around Paris, Next allows you to see the times of the next trains from your favorite stations.

What's New:

- Transition to a new faster server and updated frequently to provide you the most up to date information
- Data transfer to decrease the estimated hours.
- V2 of the application is being prepared, with many new derait it happen soon.
- Do not hesitate to return and score 5 * Application

Next uses your phone GPS to show you the stations closest to you on top, so you always get the more relevant information in a blink of an eye.

Next works offline, by showing you the official timetables even when no network is available. As soon as you get back on line, Next shows you the live information about the time and the platform for your train.

Next is available on the french SNCF network around Paris, including the Transilien Network and part of the RER network. More trains will be available soon !

This app works with the data provides by the SNCF and its program SNCF Open Data.
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