Nokia 5800 XBMC Remote

Nokia 5800 XBMC Remote
for S60

Features at the moment:

- basic functionality of the android remote (now working with udp instead of http --> much faster, much more responsive, you can also hold buttons pressed to keep scrolling, etc)
- additional buttons for volume up/down/mute; playlist add/remove/display; subtitles on/off/next; language switch
- in the 5800 button to the upper right:
-- Text input (for searches etc).
-- IP list with names
-- (de)activate tilt input (tilt phone left/right: in/decrease volume, tilt forward: pause; also works when the phone is locked)
-- mousepad (also much more responsive that in the earlier version)
-- update notifier with automatic update download
-- in future releases: playlist editor etc (hopefully).

- First, install python 2.0, if you don't have it already. I think new phones are already shipped with python preinstalled, but I'm not sure.
- Secondly, install the xbmc_remote_5800_v1_0_0.sis, it will appear in your programs list.
- Third, save the screenshot/background image to e:\python\xbmc_default.jpg. But if you are connected to your wifi, it should automatically do that for you.
Feel free to ask questions or make feature requests here.

Known bugs:
problems with setting up the internet connection. Better make sure that you are connected to the wifi from the beginning. If the background image doesn't show, load it from the screenshot above to e:\python\xbmc_default.jpg . But in the newest version it should actually work.
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