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Nokia Pulse brings your everyday conversations to life by automatically tagging photos and updates with your location.

- Every conversation, from pickups and drop-offs to meet-ups, is as instant, private, and simple as sending a text, but far more useful and engaging. Nokia Pulse is integrated with Maps, so finding people nearby, discovering new places, and getting directions is a snap.
- Pulse automatically adds your current location to each message you send, whether it’s a known place or your specific address. Suggest a place for your next gathering or simply say “I’m here,” and Pulse adds the rest.
- Deep integration with Nokia Maps. When you suggest a place to meet, you share rich details that everyone can access with a tap—ratings and reviews, map, directions, and even the phone number to call, all without ever leaving the app.
- Create a Pulse live tile or a conversation live tile by selecting “pin to start” for the Pulse app or a specific conversation. The Pulse live tile notifies you of a new Pulse message from any conversation while the conversation live tile lets you know when a new message is received in that conversation.
- When you send a Pulse message to a friend, they can use their Facebook log-in with Pulse if they don’t already have a Nokia account.
- Send your message to the people you choose and no one else—no complicated privacy settings needed. Start entering a friend’s email address, and we’ll auto-fill the email address if it’s already in your contact list.

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