One Night Stand Alarm Clock

One Night Stand Alarm Clock
for Windows Phone

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his multi-function music alarm clock with weather display can sit next to your bed as your daily alarm, travel with you for midday alarm reminders, and is with you for out of town trips. Multiple alarms are convenient for use as a family alarm or for changing schedules. Waking up is easy with Easy Touch Snooze. Simply touch the screen anywhere to snooze until you are ready to get up. With the current weather high and low temperatures of the day displayed on the screen, planning for the day has never been simpler.

- Schedule multiple alarms
- Select individual days to repeat alarms on
- Personalized alarm naming option
- Choose music from your phone or built-in sounds for alarms
- Set the snooze duration for each alarm set
- Easy Touch Snooze -touch anywhere on the screen when the alarm is sounding to snooze
- Displays wake-up time on screen when alarm is set
- Enable/disable vibration when alarm sounds
- Show weather data based on your current location or choose a location
- Displays current weather including the high and low of the day
- Weather display in Fahrenheit or Celsius
- Display or hide weather information on the clock
- Choose from 149 color options for display
- Dim or brighten display by simply sliding finger up or down on the screen
- Enable/disable lock screen timeout for displaying alarm view
- Enable/disable running the alarm behind the lock screen
- 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock settings
- Show time down to the second or display standard time
- English and Spanish Language Support
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