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Quick Office Pro
for S60

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Quickoffice Pro is the ultimate Microsoft® Office suite for Symbian^3 devices allowing you to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, as well as, manage files on your device and through cloud storage providers.

Quickoffice Pro Features
NEW UPDATE! Quickoffice® Pro takes mobile productivity to the next level with our most comprehensive suite ever for Symbian^3 smartphones. Enjoy the ability to CREATE, VIEW, and EDIT, Microsoft® Office files including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Conveniently ACCESS, VIEW, CREATE, and EDIT files remotely from your Google® Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle™, and SugarSync accounts with our enhanced Connected File Manager. Get more from your Symbian^3 device with this must-have award-winning productivity suite!

NEW Features in Version 7.0
Access, View, Create, and Edit files remotely from your Google Docs, Box.net, Dropbox, Huddle, and SugarSync accounts
Open a remote file, edit and save back to your cloud storage account or device
Spell checker for Word documents with multiple language support
Completely redesigned user interface for accessing local and remote files

Quickoffice® Pro enables you to:
Create, View, and Edit Microsoft Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets, and PowerPoint® presentations
Get continuous and convenient mobile access to remote storage services
Access and manage email attachments with the most popular file formats
Save files locally on your device or remote storage provider
Have confidence when editing files with 100% data integrity and guaranteed Microsoft compatibility
Easily manage your files on device
Make fast, convenient edits while on the go
Localized in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
Quickword® - Advanced Word Document Processing
reate, View, and Edit Microsoft Word® documents
Extensive text formatting; bold, italics, underline, font sizes / styles / colors
Insert / modify Tables; add images in table cells; rich text formatting
Save files to a local or remote location
Open password protected documents
Spell Checker
Cut / Copy / Paste in documents, across documents or between different applications
Create bulleted lists
Portrait / landscape editing
Insert / delete images from Gallery
Set paragraph alignment; right, left, center
Increase / decrease indentation on list levels
Automatically capitalize the first letter in new sentences
Undo / Redo
Jump to top / middle / bottom of document
Word count
Pinch zoom in / out
Find Text in document
Replace and Replace All
File support: Edit (97-2008) DOC, DOCX, TXT
Quicksheet® - Advanced Excel Spreadsheet Editor
Create, View, and Edit Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets
Format cells, columns, rows and ranges while formulas dynamically update
Use continuous zoom for flick scrolling through multi-touch zoom
Insert, resize, and remove columns and rows
Freeze panes to navigate long spreadsheets
Cut / Copy / Paste cell ranges and rows
Format cell colors and alignment
Format text color, sizes, styles, and fonts
Easily edit formulas with 120 built-in Excel formulas and functions
Navigate quickly with "Go to Cell" feature
Find and replace text within worksheets
Rename, add, delete, or recalculate worksheets
Use currency, accounting, date, time, percentage, and scientific notation number formatting
File support: Edit (97-2008) XLS, XLSX
Quickpoint® - Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Editor
Create, View, and Edit Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations
Insert, reorder, and delete slides
Insert images and shapes
Cut / copy / paste text within a presentation
Format font type, style, size, and color
Zoom in and out of presentations
View presentations in portrait and landscape
Quick navigation with "Go To Slide" feature
File support: Edit (97) PPT View (2007-2008) PPTX
Connected File Manager
Seamlessly Connect to Box, Google® Docs, Dropbox, Huddle, and SugarSync
Open Microsoft Office® documents
Create files
Sort files and folders by name, type, size or date
View and open recent documents
Microsoft® Office version support: 97, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007
Compatible with Symbian S60^3 devices
Symbian certified
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