Retina Scanner

Retina Scanner
for Windows Phone

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Retina Scanner is just a fun-app to trick your friends. Technically it is not possible to expose you with the phone. But you still can get a lot of fun with the app, because your friends do not know this. They will think you have got a real Id detector in your mobile.This is a great app for impressing the girls at the club and parties.
The impressive and realistic “Retina Scanner” App will blow away your friend, family and colleagues with it’s scanning and recognition capabilities.

Retina Scanner is an great app for fooling your friends. Here is how it works. Secretly, you enter your friend's information like name, age, gender blood group in the first screen. Ask your friend to put his/her finger on scan button and hold the phone in front of their eye so that it works as a eye scanner. Watch how your friends surprised when they sees their real information after the scanning using their eye. It's app works like a ID creator.

You can simply pretend that it works only for your eye retina scan. This is similar to a fingerprint scanner, thumb scanner, biometric lock, retina lock screen where you enter the info yourself, but this creates a ID so its more awesome!
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