Shopping list – Listonic

Shopping list – Listonic
for Android

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Shopping List & Grocery List in one, fast and handy, comes with convenient WIDGET.

Winner of Generation Mobile 2012 in Android Apps Category

Listonic shopping list is also accessible through your web browser at Just edit your list on your computer and take your shopping list with you, on your mobile.

To make sure that using Listonic is actually saving you time and money we focus on speed, simplicity and user-friendly interface.

By installing Listonic Mobile app you can manage all your shopping lists in a smart manner because:

- Your shopping lists are always with you – on your mobile phone or online.
- Products on a shopping list are automatically ordered by store alleys so you don’t have to wonder around.
- Shopping lists can be easily shared with family, friends or coworkers – any changes are instantly seen by others.
- Real-Time Syncing – always keep your shopping lists updated, every list is instantly updated on every device.
- You can input items from keyboard or add products using voice
- Share shopping lists via email
- Add prices to products on your shopping list
- Keep an archive of your already completed shopping and grocery lists
- Every list can be sorted in alphabetical order, by product categories/store aisles or rearranged manually
- Manage multiple shopping lists
- Manage items on your list (rename, edit, delete, move)
Listonic can be used as a shopping list, grocery list, pantry list or event to-do list
- Finally it’s simple & fun!
- More features comming soon :)

Listonic – handy shopping list is and always will be available for FREE.
Moreover, scientists say that shopping with a grocery list saves you money.

You can also use Listonic on any other type of smartphone or feature phone, all major platforms. No matter what kind of phone you’ll have in future we’ll make sure that there is a Listonic App for that ;)
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