SlovoEd Merriam-Webster dictionary for Nokia S60 3rd Edition

SlovoEd Merriam-Webster dictionary for Nokia S60 3rd Edition
for S60

€ 13.91
Merriam-Webster dictionary turns Nokia S60 3rd Edition into a mobile translation tool that is always on hand. The dictionary has an easy-to-use interface, a large number of defenitions, licensed from Merriam-Webster, acknowledged leader in dictionary industry. You can quickly translate thousands of words. Merriam-Webster dictionary provides detailed explanatory dictionary for Nokia S60 3rd Edition

Main features of Merriam-Webster dictionary for Nokia S60 3rd Edition are:

Simple and easy-to-use interface with color marks support.
Possibility to install dictionary for Nokia S60 3rd Edition on memory cards
Quality dictionary databases specially adapted for S60 3rd Edition.
Big amount of word entries
Rapid access to database, low memory consumption due to unique compression technology that provides you with high data compression ratio (100,000 entries in 600 KB)
Full screen and standard modes to show word translation.
Support of color marks for dictionary entries.
Search history (15 last words that you've searched before). You can see any word from the history again at any time.
Several dictionaries installation with the choice of various languages (for example, German - French dictionary, French dictionary, English explanatory dictionary with extended thesauruses and abbreviation/acronyms dictionary)
Dictionary interface and manuals are available in English
Cross-lookup feature between different related articles
Landscape support
The trial version has no limitations in functionality.

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