SMS Cleaner

SMS Cleaner
for S60

This application can clean a Nokia S60 based device, which may have received a so called “Curse of Silence” SMS message, and thereby restricted from receiving any new SMS messages.

The application exists in 3 different versions covering the Nokia products based on potentially affected S60 Editions operating systems.

After you have installed the application, it will ask for execution permission. During execution, application attempts to clean received Curse of Silence-messages from your phone.

You can download and install this application in several ways:

Input into your phone's browser (where available) to access this page and download SMS Cleaner file directly to your phone and install

Download SMS Cleaner to your PC, transfer it to your memory card or phone memory and install the application

Download SMS Cleaner to your PC and use Nokia PC Suite to install the application into your phone
For S60 3rd Edition products, the phone will be restarted after installation. For S60 2nd Edition products, the phone will work right after installation.

Please note that there may be “Curse of Silence” messages queued up in the SMS Center of your Operator Network. In this case you will need to run the application installation again.

Please refer to this Nokia product overview to identify which S60 Edition operating system your product belongs to.
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