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Suggest Movie helps you discover fantastic movies, documentaries and TV shows with minimal effort. Suggest movie is an app that simply suggests a good movie or tv show for you to watch. You can specify the years, genre and minimum rating and it will suggest a movie for you to watch.

What's New:

- TV Series – This update includes the ability to find TV series as well as movies and documentaries.
- Minimum number of votes – You can now choose a minimum number of votes to search by. This will allow you to find obscure movies by selecting a low number of votes.
- Other items in this update include improved Arabic translation and other minor fixes

When you can’t decide what to watch, you can get this app to recommend a movie or documentary or TV show for you to watch on DVD, or stream online or on netflix. You can get a film suggestion by genre, you can choose from many genres like action, horror and comedy and hit suggest movie and this app will recommends a movie for you to watch.
You can also specify a minimum film rating so you will only get movie and TV series suggestions that are rated at or above your minimum rating.

You can also watch movie trailers very easily, this will help you decide what movie to stream or download. Every suggested movie contains a trailer below the movie description, this will allow you to watch the movie trailer very quickly and conveniently so you can find a movie quickly.

You can now specify the minimum number of votes a movie or TV show must have. this feature can be used to filter in or out movies, documentaries and tv shows that have not been seen or rated by many people.

The recommended movies include years, certificate, IMDB ratings, Rotten Tomatoes ratings, plot description and genre. You can click on the recommended film to open it in Google, or other movie websites. You can click on the movie title to copy it to the clipboard.

Discovering fantastic new movies and tv series has never been easier. Now suggest movie has added the ability for you to bookmark movies that you like the looks off. You can bookmark as many movies and TV shows as you want so that you can find them again later. You can also mark movies as seen or hide them so that we will not get the same suggestions or movies that you have already seen.

Please note this app will not provide movies to stream or download, it will also not show every movie or tv series that has ever existed, it will simply suggest to you good movies that you can then search on the web for streaming or downloading. You can click the netflix or youtube buttons in the app and it will search these sites for you but it does not guarantee that it will find you a movie streaming or download site.
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