Tappsi – Safe Taxi

Tappsi – Safe Taxi
for Android

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Taxi anytime anywhere.

Tappsi is disrupting the way people book taxis in Colombia. An easy to use app to make taxi cab reservations from your smartphone.

What's New:

- Fixed two problems that caused a crash in the application, on devices with small screen and weak GPS signal.


- GPS location.
- Frequently used addresses are automatically saved.
- Book from a large pool of taxis.
- Confirmations are sent via email, SMS or push notifications directly to your phone.
- Security: share the cab license plates and/or your location via email, social networks or SMS/iMessage.

Tappsi uses geo-location GPS technology to locate your pickup address. The app has been developed to find cabs in an easy and convenient way with just two taps.

Our system locates by GPS the closest taxi in a matter of seconds in any location in your city.

Tappsi has been developed to improve your safety, it allows the passenger to share the taxi license plates via email, social networks or SMS/iMessage. In this way, your friends and family may know in real time what taxi are you on and where did you take it.

The Tappsi revolution leaves behind the long phone calls with a boring recording, where the machine tells the user “how important is your call”, just to say after 5 minutes waiting that there are no cabs available. Also, you don’t need a fixed phone line to book cabs automatically. Tappsi also allows the passenger who hails a cab on the street to share the license plates with friends and family.
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