TBOX – Clean and Organized SMS

TBOX – Clean and Organized SMS
for Android

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TBOX is your new SMS TextBox. We are creating a better SMS experience for you at TBOX. TBOX is smart SMS for your smartphone that helps you create clean and organized SMS inbox by providing features like spam blocker, auto archive and smart labels

TBOX = Normal SMS + Clean + Organized
TBOX = SMS Spam Blocker + Auto Archive + Smart Labels

What's New:

- New theme compatible with lollipop
- Switch to chat when your friends are online
- Send location to friends using TBOX
- UI cleanup
- Bug fixes
- Performance related fixes

It is world’s first messaging app that:

- Keeps your SMS inbox clean
- Intelligently organizes your messages
- Provides a way to make your messages safe
- Allows you to make best use of SMS messages

With TBOX, you will not treat your SMS messages as junk/spam anymore.

You can use TBOX to:

- Send / Receive SMS messages – It is fully integrated with your contacts.
- Organize your SMS messages using smart labels – It automatically categorizes your messages as business or personal. Additionally, it marks your messages as banks, shopping etc based on SMS sender.
- Add custom categories – You can move SMS messages to specific categories.
- Add custom tags – You can add context to your SMS messages on top of intelligent tags that we assign to every message.
- Take a backup of your SMS messages.
- Password protect a category of SMS messages. E.g. salary messages from bank
- Mark a set of SMS messages as spam
- Track your expenses, payments, withdrawls, ecommerce transactions, tickets etc based on transactional messages you receive
- Auto archive – TBOX lets you auto archive SMS messages on a daily basis. It automagically removes all OTP and promotinal SMS messages.
- SMS Spam blocker
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