Time Movie – time-lapse camera

Time Movie – time-lapse camera
for Android

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Time Movie is a simple and powerful time-lapse video maker.

It’s easy.
Time Movie has a simple interface to create your time-lapse video. You just need to select the speed option and tab the record button!

It’s super fun.
You will discover how enjoyable it is to watch your normal video to time-lapse video.
Even your routine day can appear more exciting and dramatic.

It’s fast.
Thanks to our video engine, Time Movie has a stable and fast video processing capability.

Perfect alternative to Hyperlapse from Instagram


- Speed up your videos up to 60 times.
- Silent camera support (without shutter sound)
- Front and back camera support
- Set the time to stop recording
- Pause & Resume recording
- Auto rotation lock support
- Recored videos can be managed (You can share, play, rename and delete a recorded video)
- Video trimmer
- Add any music from your device library as the background music of your video.
- If you don’t have proper background music to your video, don’t worry!
- You can get good quality songs to use from Time Movie for free!
- Slow down or speed up your recorded videos from 1/4 and to 4 times.

Pro Features

- Flip the video recorded front camera horizontally
- Handpicked 5 background music.
- Remove ads
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