Voice Coach

Voice Coach
for S60

It is not just one more application that just measures the distance and time you move and shows the numbers to you, but instead it speaks to you! The Voice Coach supports you when you are doing well, tells you nicely when you are not doing so well, tells your position in race, who is in front and behind of you, whether to go faster or slower etc.

The application has three different modes:

- In Target time mode you first select a target for your practice. This can be e.g. to run 3000 metres in 12 minutes. Then the Voice Coach helps you keep the target. It tells you frequently whether to go faster or slower.

- In My Routes mode you can record an own route. Then you can later compete against your results in your route. You can also send your route and results to your friend and s/he can compete with it.

- In Races mode you can enter the results of a real race and then compete in the race. The Voice Coach keeps you updated about your position and how you progress in the race. It also encourages you to do your best. Some example races come with the application. These are marathon results of some (American or Finnish) celebrities.
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