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Voice recorder V1.3 update has the following improvements:
• Improved recording quality
• Improved handling recording exception for some devices
• Improved level indicator sensitivity
• Fixed long recording playback
• Prevent locking screen while recording or playing
• Ask confirmation before deleting recording

V1 provides the following features:
• Record/play/pause/delete voice recording.
• Using slider bar, you can fast forward or rewind playing voice recording.
• Save/restore your voice recording list automatically.
• Choose category for voice recording from shopping, to-do, journal, fun, and business.
• Browse your list of recordings per category.

If you want emailing voice recording, appending, and preventing screen lock, you can upgrade to V2, which offers the following features:

• Email voice: You can send voice recording as email. Your voice recording will be uploaded to the server and from PC, you can play or download from the server.
• WAV format support: Your voice PCM file will be converted to WAV format before uploaded to the server so that PC software can recognize it.
• Append : You can append to an existing voice recording even after it's recorded.
• Delete confirmation option: By default, deleting any voice recording will be prompted to prevent accidental deletion, but you can also disable from settings.
• Prevent screen locking while playing/recording/emailing your voice record.
• New "Study" category is added, which is for various school/study related recordings.
• Resume uploading from last failure point: When uploading a voice recording is interrupted by either network connectivity issue, canceled, or navigated away, the next uploading will be resumed from last stopped/failure point instead from the beginning.

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