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Get the new wetter.info app on your Android smartphone or tablet and inform yourself anytime and anywhere on the current weather and the weather forecast of 1.5 million locations worldwide.

What's New:

- an induced error when starting the app was removed.
storing boxes on smartphones with a smaller screen resolution is now possible.
- minor bug fixes

You have the option of setting up to 15 favorites and find out details about temperatures, wind direction, wind speed, weather forecasts, precipitation probability and quantity.

Our nearly 14,000 weather stations worldwide, we can show you the current weather conditions including weather forecasting from over 180 countries.

Never be surprised by bad weather or rain: A rain radar shows you where it has rained in the last 90 minutes, when it is raining with you and if there is a shower or a large rain area. If there is a severe weather warning for one of your favorites, you will be informed by a warning.
The wetter.info app gives you the possibility to place different widgets on your home screen in order to always have the current weather and the temperature of your favorite location in mind.

Whether you want to plan your vacation, the weekend or the next outdoor excursion, with the weather app from wetter.info you are always first class and reliable on the weather conditions and weather trends.

The highlights of the wetter.info App overview:

- The current weather of over 84,000 locations in Germany and 1.5 million locations worldwide
- 10-day weather forecast for any place
- Accurate weather forecast by accessing nearly 14,000 weather stations worldwide
- weather maps of over 180 countries worldwide for today’s weather and the weather forecast for tomorrow and the day after
- Severe weather warnings for Germany and 16 other countries in Europe (including Italy, Spain and France)
- precipitation radar – the rain radar, including snow, sleet and hail
- Weather Widgets in sizes 2: 1, 4: 1 and 4: 2 in different designs
- Weather Videos – Daily updated videos experts with weather reports on the current weather and the latest weather forecast
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