Whitelist Mobile Lite

Whitelist Mobile Lite
for S60

Whitelist Mobile is a powerful and useful tool which protects your time and privacy by keeping unwanted calls and SMS/MMS off your phone in easy and convenient way. You can decide who can or can’t reach you by mobile using whitelist functionality. You can block all contacts except address book or anyone not from whitelist. You can silent or reject incoming calls and delete unwanted incoming messages without any sound or phone flash. And you can always check whitelist log to see blocked events and read deleted messages. Such functionality could be useful in sutiations when you don't want to be disturbed but still don't want to miss really important call or SMS. For example when you are on a business meeting, on vacation or on a date, you can switch Whitelist Mobile on and be sure no one but very few people would be able to reach you.

Application features:
- 2 accept modes: whitelist and address book
- 4 blocking action settings
- Autoboot at device startup
- Can be hidden from task list
- Rejects sms silently without any sound or device flash
- All deleted messages texts are available in Whitelist Log
- Easy and comfortable in use
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