AE Baccarat

AE Baccarat
for Windows Phone

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The most popular casino game “AE Baccarat” is free at your phone now! Come on! Try your luck and have a real and exciting vegas feeling!

AE Baccarat is the most civilized and fair entertainment by world-recognized. With only five betting areas, AE Baccarat is one of the easiest games to learn. Place bets on the winning result of the card game, whether it is the “Banker”, “Player” ,“Tie”, “Banker pair” or “Player pair”. The winning hand is determined by which hand is closest to 9, or if the game ends with a tie. If the game ties with your bets placed on it, you win with 8 to 1 payouts. If the game pairs with your bets placed on it, you win with 11 to 1 payouts.

Card values:
Ace card values are (1) , Face cards and 10’s are (0), all other cards count as their numbered value.Any hands adding up above 10, for example 17, will only count for their second digit (7).

Game includes:
- Classic Baccarat
- Betting Areas: Banker,Player,Tie,Banker pair,Player pair
- Realistic and fantastic graphics
- Casual background music

***How To Play***
1. Open the App
2. Tap “PLAY” button and you will be at the table of game
3. Select betting areas and bet.Win or lose
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