AE Kalpana-Incas lost city

AE Kalpana-Incas lost city
for Windows Phone

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Incas, an old village filled with magic and danger,it is cursed by the witch, all the villagers are in a coma for thousands years…
The way to break the curse is hidden in a mysterious box, the mysterious box is attended by the witch's monsters. Now the monster is chasing you...
Hurry up!

A very wildly popular and endless action game ‘AE Kalpana-Incas lost city’ is free at your phone now! Come on, start this adventure and be the villagers’ hero!

Any feedback please emails us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games!

The goal of AE Kalpana-Incas lost city is to run as far as you possibly can to get clear of the monster. But, this time you will be avoiding dangerous obstacles, such as holes, magma and moss. Swipe on the screen timely to avoid them. While running, don’t forget to collect coins and mushrooms, they can be used to buy props, double tap on screen to activate props.

Game includes:
(1) Varieties of obstacles and enemies for challenging
(2) Simple swipe and tilt gameplay
(3) Beautiful and fantastic graphics
(4) Awesome bonuses and effects

***How To Play***
Open the App
Actor starts running
Swipe on the screen to jump or slide or turn
Tilt to get coins when running
Avoid the obstacles
Double tap to activate power
Game ends when attacked by obstacles and be caught by the monster
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