AE Zombie War Zone 2

AE Zombie War Zone 2
for Windows Phone

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Like first-person shooting game? Enjoy the fun of zombie head shot? The all new “Zombie War Zone 2” by AE is here!
Lifelike 3D environment and sound effect. A wide selection of weapons and zombie types. A challenging game modes. See if you can beat players all over the world with your superb shooting skills! Soldiers, pick up your weapons and save the city ravaged by the zombies!
As a sequel to the first game, “Zombie War Zone 2” continues the game’s crazy shooting style and takes the exciting shooting experience and visuals to the next level. Here we only need to use simple touch-screen operations to aim and shoot zombies that are attacking in waves. You do not want to miss this if you are a fan of this type of games.

★Game Features★
-Two challenging game modes for you to accomplish.
- Multi-point touch control & easier operation.
- Zombies, settings, weapons – top 3D production perfectly blended with super real sound and graphics that make the best immersive first-person shooting game.
-10 brand new weapons re-created with real life data will bring you the most realistic shooting experience.
- Endless waves of zombies will satisfy your shooting desire and the powerful mutated zombies will put your game skills to the ultimate test.

As we cannot directly reply to comments, please email us if you have any suggestions. Thank you for your support for our games!
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