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Brain Mania
for Windows Phone

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Do you love maths or languages? Is your answer YES? This game is exactly what you are looking for.

Game Numbers - The goal of the game is to select numbers that add up to the target number. It seems easy, doesn't it? But sometimes it could be really hard, you'll see...

Game Words -The goal of the game is to select letters in correct order so they form the desired word.
You can play game as:
Single word - word is shown in selected language and your goal is to find this word.
Translation - word is shown in both languages and your goal is to find the translation.
Hidden translation - word is shown only in first language and your goal is to find the translation.

Game contains multiple languages. For different languages please go to the Options. Currently the game contains these languages: Czech, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and French

Download the game with your friends and measure who is better in addition and languages.

Additional content information

  • PLATFORMWindows Phone
  • APP REQUIRESWindows Phone 7.10.7720 (Windows Phone 7.5 Mango) or higher
  • CATEGORYPuzzle
  • VERSION1.0.0.0
    4 KB
  • RATING0.00
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