Bubble Rescue Free

Bubble Rescue Free
for Windows Phone

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Berry the blue bubble is on a mission to save his fellow bubbles! A grumpy wizard captured all of them, and locked them in his castle, scattered around in the basement rooms as captives.
He wants to prevent all the joy happening, that those bubbles would mean to the world!

Fortunately, Berry has magical teleporting glasses, so he has chance to enter the basement rooms one by one, and try rescuing the captives.

The rescue mission is dangerous. The basement is enchanted, the rooms are full of obstacles, creatures and other surprises, furthermore the magical glasses can only function for a limited amount of time.
This is why Berry needs You to safely and swiftly guide him through the mission! Become a Hero and rescue all the bubbles!


* 40 levels to accomplish, with 38 motivating achievements to unlock
* Accelerometer/tilt based control, with adjustable control difficulty
* Smooth gameplay in 60 fps
* Friendly artwork and relaxing songs
* Comprehensive "how to" help, with animated illustrations
* Lots of bubbles to rescue, many bonus coins to collect, plenty of creatures to avoid
* Puts your dexterity and problem solving skill to the test
* Several hours of gameplay and fun
* Free to play, ad-supported version (For an ad-free, paid version called 'Bubble Rescue', please check out our app list)
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