Changing Gravity: Jumping Ball

Changing Gravity: Jumping Ball
for Android

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In “Changing Gravity” the goal is very simple, you have to keep a jumping ball from exiting the screen by falling down or up (you read that right). The twist is the fact that during the game, if the jumping ball is in the air and you tap once more the gravity changes. While the principle is simple, the gameplay is frustratingly addictive since it requires fast actions to keep the jumping ball from exiting the screen.

Here are some features that make “Changing Gravity” a great choice for a “pick-up and play” game:

- Unique game idea where the gravity changes if you tap the screen when the ball is in the air, causing it to “fall up” until you tap back
- Simple gameplay as you make the ball jump or fall back with a single tap
- Multiple levels to play through and experience the gravity change influence on the jumping ball
- Frustratingly addictive levels as it’s very difficult to train your brain into keeping the pace with the gravity change physics
- The simplicity in “Changing Gravity” is matched by a great physics puzzle (switching gravity) and that’s what makes it a great choice.

Game Instructions:

- In order to jump, touch the screen while the ball is rolling on a shelf.
- If you touch the screen while the ball is in the air (after the ball jumps or falls from a shelf), the gravity will change.
- You can change the gravity only once until the next time the ball will be in the air.
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