Couple Dressup For Girls

Couple Dressup For Girls
for Windows Phone

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Dress Up Couples is here. Now you can create hundreds of fabulous looks for a couple. Create lots of different beautiful looks in 5 different themes - Party, Princess, Shopping, Beach and Office. Try it out for free.

With more than hundred options to change in each theme, you can create fabulous styles and looks for the on-screen couple. You have a variety of accessories and clothes to choose from. Mix and match to make the stylish couple complement each other. Show off your sense of style and create a new look every time from a range of tops, t-shirts, bottoms, dresses and numerous accessories such as sunglasses, hats, bracelets, shoes and necklaces. Create looks which match your friends and their partners. Play with your girl friends and see who creates the trendiest looks.

- 5 themes to play with: Party (free), Princess, Shopping, Beach and Office
- Over 100 options in each theme including tops, hairstyles, bottoms, shoes, bags, glasses, tattoos, necklaces, dresses and many more.
- Hundreds of different looks are possible in every theme.
- Save the final look in your photo album and use it as your wallpaper.
- Create different looks for your girlfriends and their boyfriends and keep them as display pics for their contact details on your iPhone.
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