Falling Rabbits

Falling Rabbits
for Android

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The rabbits are falling, but you can save them. Touch the rabbits to make them bounce up. Get points by making the rabbits jump into the magic hats or bounce on the clouds. You also get points each time you tap a rabbit. Try to hold as many rabbits in the air at once as you can and make sure they don’t fall down. There are also other animals, pandas and penguins, that need your help. Save the pandas from falling down, or save the penguins that are trying their best to stay in the air by flapping their wings. The longer you stay alive the harder the game will get. Compete against your friends and the rest of the world for the highest score with social and global leaderboards. What are you waiting for? Download Falling Rabbits, it’s free.

What's New

- A new difficulty (hard) for the more skillful players with its own leaderboard
- A new power-up, a bubble that makes a rabbit float in it
- Some more high resolution graphics for a better tablet experience
- Bugfixes and performance fixes


- Endless gameplay
- Three different animals (Rabbits, Pandas, Penguins)
- Different difficulties (hard, easy)
- Difficulty increasing over time
- Different power-ups (magician hat, bubble, clouds)
- Leaderboards
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