Gumba: Memory Thumb Twister

Gumba: Memory Thumb Twister
for Android

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Gumba is a game for your thumbs, a mixture of the 80’s classic Twister and a memory challenge. Using your thumbs you will have to replicate a series of increasingly difficult levels that depict a drawing in three colors. Your thumbs will need to twist and turn around each other to solve them and your memory will be put to the test.Gumba is a memory game because you need to remember a drawing to be able to replicate it, and a strategy game because you have to plan an approach to replicate it

What's New:

- Added 20 more levels for a total of more than 100 (including hero mode)
- Integrated with the giftiz network to offer you awesome offers and get something for my work (if you hate ads, maybe don’t update)
- Fixed hero level bug


FREE TO PLAY, no hidden costs, no in app-purchases
More than 100+ levels and more to come
It’s a “brain game” so you feel good about playing
Challenging and colorful designs
Leaderboards and achievements to reward you hard work!

You are shown a drawing, that may depict a cow or a tree or just a random complex set of rectangles and you’re give three seconds to remember it. After that time you have to decide what the best approach to solving the level would be, taking into account that you can’t delete a drawn rectangle, you can’t lift your fingers of the screen and that each touch corresponds to a color.

Gumba means thumb in Swahili, because you’ll need to use your thumbs to play this game!
See the drawing and think fast, you only have a few seconds. But it also means friend in Italian because we want you to make of Gumba something you share with your friends, you can share your Hero score to brag with your friends, we know we all like to win


The game is not intended to be easy, it’s supposed to be challenging. I’m sorry if it takes 100 tries to solve a level, believe me they’re all solvable since I try them myself before I add them to the game. But with a great challenge comes great rewards, your short term memory will improve and you’ll learn to think faster since you’re challenging your brain to creating a solution as fast as possible, while controlling your thumbs in an efficient and accurate route.
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