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Hangman - Free
for Windows Phone

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Hangman is a classic word guessing game in which you try to guess letters in order to uncover a hidden word. You only have a few guesses before you are hanged as each incorrect letter draws out another part of your stick figure. This app has a very clean and user friendly interface that displays a custom keyboard allowing you to easily see which letters are still available for selection. You can also select from multiple word categories each containing anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of words: World Countries, Foods, Animals, Famous Movies, Body Parts, Famous People, Unbeatable Hangman Words, Basic English, and Advanced English. Have fun while improving your spelling! WARNING! Some or all word categories may contain language inappropriate for children. Though efforts have been made to remove some of the more common inappropriate words, the English language is full of colorful vocabulary that may not have been filtered out.

* Clean and easy-to-use interface
* Your stats are saved so you can see how well you do over time
* Tap and hold category name to change it
* Need a learn more about the word? Use the Ask Wikipedia button
* Multiple Categories are available:
o Basic English (800+ commonly used words)
o Advanced English (100,000+ words)
o World Countries (195+ words)
o Foods (600+ words)
o Animals (250+ words)
o Body Parts (100+ words)
o Famous People (150+ words)
o Famous Movies (250+ words)
o Unbeatable Hangman Words (200+ words)

New in Version 1.4
- 1 new category: Unbeatable Hangman Words
- More responsive keyboard
- Fixed screen refresh issue
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